Our products come from a long inlaying woodwork tradition, a family business, born in the 1940s, when the craftsman Orlando Ercolano created incredible work of art in his workshop in Sorrento. His son Giuseppe continued to deepen the pledge, professionalism and passion in every object he made. The workshop became a successful factory led by the grandson of the founder, Orlando, who together with a team of managers, engineers, informaticians, marketing experts, artists and technicians is carrying on the tradition with a modern exquisite touch. 

Our collection of jewellery boxes, game boxes, cigar boxes, table tops, small furniture, custom made products comes to life mainly through the artistic inlaid woodwork, with a high attention to details, extreme precision, combining the touch of the craftsmen with modern technology, to create precious pieces. We are using natural wood - maple-tree, walnut, dark mahogany, madrone, ash, radical walnut, pear, bubinga, rover or common oak – natural tinted woods, available in many different colors.

Our aim is to continue to unite antique passion for the craftsmanship with the contemporary taste. We launch ourselves into new adventures, of personalization, of creating new designs, whereby our customers can in fact commission the product they desire.